Operating efficiently while maintaining top quality requires close attention to details — including production-line maintenance items like process-line rolls. The right roll material is critical: Rubber and urethane rolls pick up cuts and gouges, leading to unplanned downtime for change-outs. If left in place, damaged rolls can diminish wringing performance, raise production costs, and damage the surface of the sheet. The optimum solution? Toho® Non-Tex rolls from AKK, enabling operators to produce consistent, high-quality strip at lower operating costs for more than 25 years.

Entry pinch rolls
Toho Non-Tex pinch rolls from AKK maintain proper strip tension, even at high speeds. Under oily conditions, they provide a coefficient of friction five times higher than that of rubber rolls. Reliable, self-healing Toho rolls shrug off contact and surface damage, for reliability that rubber rolls cannot achieve.

Wringer rolls
Toho® Non-Tex wringer rolls can reduce change-outs and downtime for cleaning sections and quench tanks. They last up to ten times longer than conventional rolls, thanks to a self-healing structure that withstands cuts and gouges caused by rough strip edges and metal slivers. Toho rolls reduce solution carry-over and improve the dryness of the strip emerging from the rinse tank.

Oiling rolls
Toho Non-Tex Non-Tex oiling rolls from AKK apply a consistent, uniform oil film to strip in production, with outstanding longevity even under tough surface conditions.

Tower-roll high-temperature felt covers
Endless, seamless AKK high-temperature roll covers are custom-tailored to fit your current tower rolls. Blended from soft yet durable exotic fibers, they protect your strip as it cools and withstand temperatures in excess of 650 degrees F.